Super Hero Gadgets Saving Real Businesses

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Superhero in City: Superhero watching over the city.

Superhero in City: Superhero watching over the city.

As a kid I’ve always wanted to be a super hero. Like the majority of young growing boys and girls searching to be brave and have immense physical mental strength with super powers and abilities. Even more as an adult going into my 30’s the concept could be much more of a real life depiction than I’ve ever imagined. Think about Batman is a billionaire baller with top technology in Gotham City. I’m an entrepreneur on route to a million in sales revenue, a devout practicing world peace participant, and emerging mixed martial arts student to master. The reality of using my resources to not only grow business to a billion but also transforming my mind body and spirit to vigilantly oversee my domain , city and world from potential threats and promote world peace is more on pace then ever in this current information technology age.


Fighting crime and using the forces of good to convert the forces of evil takes much more than the average mask and cape to get the job done. We have learned from our favorite movies and comic books that Batman is one of few super heroes who stretches the word super into the 100% fully human category. Many of the DC Super Heroeslike Superman, The Flash and the Green Lantern have experienced physical alterations from chemicals interacting with their body or space and non Earth like circumstances that spawned many of their super abilities.

  1. Heat Seekers

The best heating and cooling pros you could meet will tell you this gadget would be a gamechanger for there consumers and business as well. The Seek Thermal Cameras. This power gadget is  designed for your iPhone and Android models. It allows you to get vision of up to 2,00 feet in the night and darkness. It gives users the power of making their own phones top notch thermal imaging tools. The heat signatures are found in darkness environments. The thermal cameras decode light into an image that is visible on your iPhone or android device. HVAC systems energy loss can be detected, problematic insulation, and even air leaks. Even electrical faults can be found with this gadget. Imagine a device like the one pictured below except able to be kept on your mobile iPhone or android device.

Heat Loss Detection of the House With Infrared Thermal Camera

Heat Loss Detect     ion of the House With Infrared Thermal Camera

The range of the type of businesses this would help can range from land to sea, animal watchers, homeowners and hikers and maybe even excellent maid services Pittsburgh.

2. Drones

Look up it’s a bird , its a drone in the sky that can record panoramic views at high quality videos. Even Lego Marvel Super Heroes use drones to use against villains in their video game storyline. Mavic 2 is the drone equipped with the Hx265/HEVC codec which is responsible for these top video qualities. The web is a very intriguing place for videos. Cisco the technology conglomerate approximates will take up 82% of all online traffic by 2022.

The day of recording memories and re watching them is more apparent than any other time  in history. The Mavic 2 and the goggles in combination is a premiere option of drones for sale that allow you to create memories in flight around the environment you’re in. and use a virtual headset to control flight. The DJI Mavic 2 Pro Quadcopter Drone


3. Super Suits

Power Gadget Reviews

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Welcome to Here is where we openly discuss some so called simple devices of our time all the way to the cutting edge technology of mechanical gadgets. We not only take time to notice the intricate layout it took get this “darn thing to work,” but also how these gadget can sync up our schedules and if it is able to demonstrate how we can allow these powered devices to provide not give us mindset that we are losing touch with our ultimate reality, we are ultimately connected on a wider scale that was propelled by us so we should celebrate and review its effectiveness.  The importance of acquiring confidence and knowledge simultaneously will also be explored. The reason for this shared database and hub of information and knowledge is because a usual premise of the gadget is to always be shared among the people.

Our resource of learned data comes from technology user specific professionals that knows how many times these gadgets have made daily operations much more manageable then they could have ever put the time together to believe throughout their prior 20 plus years of expertise. Think about all these qualified gadget users, which you may very well be with your cell phone and radio, and even certain tools in their respective professions. Transportation drivers adhering to the next schedule and using acting as if they are the natural map themselves when we all know how to use GPS. Don’t we all know how to use? Okay Maybe there is a couple of you kiddies that may need to go the extra length for love and learning and prove to the older generation yes you can work this “do hicky thingamajiiger.”

These tough, Electrician Atlanta workers work with some climbing involved or hanging from somewhere so a gadget must be in the waist belt for some easy to reach small gadgets to complete everyday tough jobs that come in the pathway. Dentists specifically,Dentist Raleigh NC Dentist Pittsburgh have some surprising ideas and gadgets that were created for this industry that made vast improvements in operation.  From the bottom to the top you can easily witness the scale available within the market and need for gadgets and the next useful mechanical device. Our input also starts at this foundation of problem solvers & technicians that have a device to control what video image can control the ground you walk on or heated flooring controlled by your gadget.

What if the same service providers could someday install your multi-level house to have a button where the flooring seems to be so technologically developed you can change the setting on your device to show right through to the below room on your flooring in the room your want, then change it back to whatever hard surface it once looked to be. Now that would be one amazing power gadget at our disposable. This was developed by those who appreciate what man has crafted and those who openly admit to learning why we must go forward standing from what we have known from the past, but knowing we can still always take one step forward.

Gadgets To Get For The Office

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Working from home or working at the desk is where the majority of hours of ours lives are taken up these days. Technology has allowed us to be more efficient, capture and project real data, and even now promoting a healthy active lifestyle at the work place. It is amazing when you consider the advancements  actually now available to us to enhance our work lives to make them more productive.


Here is a video for the 5 Must Have Tech Gadgets for the Office in 2017.

If you have a desk jobs or where you do a lot of sitting then you may really need to consider the first product. You never consider the more we feel we must work our lives away we tend to forget our health promotion and active lifestyle. This helps increase our mood and our hearts so why wouldn’t we want it at work?


Conditioning is the only answer maybe and then the next lazy person will say because I don’t want to do anything extra than I’m already doing at my work I’m busy. Essentially we have been almost programmed to know healthy yet do otherwise. Essentially if work is too important because of all of its excuses of why you need money well then so is your longevity and efficiency in the production in your life. If your continue on it’s an ironic way of  not caring for your life and money long term.

Hovr reminds us that sitting is the new smoking to our old ways of being very active beings. International Journal of Epidemiology 2015 says absence of movement is the new smoking. You must remember to be like an actual cleaners of clutter and make room for what is vital to existence.

Google has even field tested this product and it is now available on their website. It is proven to be a perfect office gift for anyone with desk job workers for desk workers who are looking to keep circulation in their joints and increase calorie burning and helping to increase engagement while working. Also if you know people that don’t necessarily work the desk job there is a version that does not have to attach to a desk to operate. Now there is no more excuses this gadget allows you to walk while sitting down. Well, essentially your properly simulating joint movements of walking actively staying fit which is the most important for long term production.


All walks of life can benefit from the gadgets on our site which is why the Hovr is one of my favorites to try out. All types of pros should be users of gadgets like this one from spending long days rigorously on your feet like

Wearable Gadgets & Technology

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Power Gadgets Reviews is for the advancement of new technology and design.

MODA The Museum of Design Atlanta currently is showcasing wearable computers for consumers. The exhibition is called On You: Wearing Technology.  We decided to pull together commercial electrician professionals to learn what exactly it could take to wire these technological feats up and also to learn what could the possibilities of tech take us for wearing more technology and electrical devices. In the same town  commercial roofing repair roofers sit atop a their jobs and services everyday and said yes to looking forward to seeing more wearable tech to help make being on rooftops all day safer and easy to access there gadgets needed to perform daily tasks and communicate between their business and colleagues. Clint Zigler the co curator believes we are at a tipping point. There is one piece called the PIXI dress . It is made with 600 LED lights.  You can visit the exhibition in September in Atlanta at the Museum of Design.

Our Gadget Potential

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The Advance Machine Learning
This latest technology is the one who make the smart machines become intellectual by allowing them to understand the same ideas in the environment and to learn. Thru this machine learning, the smart machines have the ability to change the future behavior. This latest information technology invention has evolving rapidly as well as the organization must evaluate how they would relate this kind of technology to increase the competitive advantage.

The Autonomous Things and Agents
The progressive machine learning provides growth to a range of smart machine applications including the autonomous vehicles, smart advisors, robots, and virtual personal assistants that turn into independent manner. It feeds into the ambient user capability in which an independent agent becomes the major user boundary. Instead of interacting with the buttons, forms and menus in a smartphone, the user will just speaks to an application, which is actually a bright agent.

The Advanced System Architecture
The smart machine and digital mesh need the powerful computing architecture strains to create them worthwhile for the organizations. They will get this additional boost from the ultra-efficient neuromorphic architectures. This kind of system built on the graphic processing unit as well as the (FPGA) Field Programmable Gate Arrays that has a function more anthropoid brains that are predominantly suitable to be apply in other pattern-matching and deep learning processes that a smart machines uses. This kind of system is based on the architecture that allow the distribution with a less power into the smallest (IoT) Internet of Things endpoints like, cars, homes, human being and wristwatches.

The Service Architecture and Mesh App
This two kinds of application are allowing the delivery of services and apps to the dynamic and flexible ambiance of the digital mesh. This kind of architecture serves the serves the user necessity as they differ over time. This brings together a lot of sources, information, services, apps, and the micro services is flexible architecture in which the application extends across the different endpoint of device, also the coordination with one another to create a continuous digital experience.


The Internet of Things Architecture as well as Platforms
The Internet of things Platforms exist behind the architecture and mess-up service. This information technology has the standards for IoT Platforms that is forming the set of base that has the capability to communicate, manage, control, and secured the endpoints in the Internet of Things (IoT). These platforms combined the data to the endpoint behind the passage from a technology and architectural standpoints to make the IoT be realistic.


Talking Plant
Most of the gardener used to talk in their plants as if it is talking. In the previous years, there has a lot of study about this but unfortunately, nothing is conclusive. Now a days, a new project from Helene Steiner allow the person to create a simple message that can be translated by the using the flashes of light, wherein the plant is responsive to a positive messages. This experiment is successful and in fact it has been try by other people.


Guitar Gadget: No Elbow Room Jammin

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There are never too many gadgets in this day and age.

Go go gadget was a concept that actually makes sense in the long run to make use best of our time and always be as handy as the name suggests from a human. Go go guitar ok you get the point. Music has become as influential as language we speak. We make it with our mouths even when breathing or at least some pattern that could be melodic or arranged in a way that is pleasing to our release.


We interpret want to understand be capable to feel vibration. Some decide to take the step in a more formal outlook and look to increase education on music and possibly create. These are the gadgets that make creating and always staying apart of the musical art form in any climate atmosphere even where elbow room is limited.


Jamstik is a pocket guitar for easy on the go jam. I always thought of jam session on an airplane and people in a metal tube coming together if people at one time were in the air and in want to hear music mood. Live music in air experience would be something else. For now you can take practice and guitar everywhere with a 6 string 6 fret musical exploration. Always good for getting the quick ideas down somewhere and go with all inspiration. This an electronic device so you can plug in your headphones and people can just watch your flow not be disturb or sent sound

In the same scenario think it is possible to get away with a ultra light travel electric guitar and plug into an IRig Blueboard MIDI with a pedal and you can easily break out the whole airplane into a jam session 30,0000 feet up. Once the seat belt light is turned on especially. Ipad Bluetooth for your guitar even when your computer software isn’t coming with you.

Gibson has the Gibson Memory Cable which will allow me to include my guitar cable as well as a recorder to get the inspiration you must document to recording my carry on still has room for an extra two weeks worth of underwear and socks.

Consumer Electronics Show

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So The International Consumer Electronics Show was this weekend if you have no idea how cool the event is or were already looking for a little more reasons to learn how interesting things at the event panned out, here all nice long look at day one at the four day event.

 Day 1

So many marketplaces, exhibits, and conferences to actually take part in to learn what is in business of consumer technologies. This is where you event goers can witness and experience the cutting edge technology and innovations of the now and to come.

In the name of power gadgets I was personally looking forward to providing some pleasurable updates that the Carpet installation specialist providing maintenance and cleaning as well at would appreciate. We all kind of like to keep a hub of the tech news flying off the shelf when one of us catch wind. And that’s the event in a the greater culmination.


What wasn’t a personal attention grabber? With so much to soak in, tech consumers had their overflow. Roll up LED screen for your like live magazines and newspaper viewing perhaps? Using the force-band Sphero is the equivalent to sitting on the couch and your room mate may say pass the Tv remote but its on the other half of the room while your on the couch. Well, what I mean is the potential to possibly have the ability to create the television remote gadget to have the much more useful upgrade than solely using that technological advancement with power gadgets only for simple ol Star Wars inspired leisure fun. Then onto infinity and beyond with real sense camera technology equipped apart of a drone that can look out for the obstacles in the pathway. 360 photographs in a snap, Mother an actual robot that is for keeping in home tracking like sleep, door sensor and alarms. The dentist also can utilize this for monitoring teeth brushing, personal upkeep tallying.


This is not even the tip of the iceberg we find ourselves looking into more and more at the Las Vegas,  Nevada held event since the 6th ending this January 9th on crash landing yet uncovering a new vast mountain of technological goodies only to help us along staying afloat here. Ahvac Atlanta described how their company couldn’t benefit from implementing the dashboard especially liked the idea of the same screen as your phone on your windshield that is called Gorilla Glass. Where your entire car dashboard can be a screen. Yes you can see the road and now at the same time use this to prepare each next scheduled service plan on the way and keep up to date on the way to a full day of contractor work. Hey it can really happen when we have gotten to now read up if not actually demo of products that are available to us now and will be very soon.

Gadgets with a touch to find out what is in our food in an instant. Do we want this abundance of knowledge to take immediate action for a more useful advantage or what we know is apart of our history of knowing the masses will have to overlook for the feeling of sticking to good or bad what has been. Analytical results we need time to weigh in on us moments later, much later, or sadly not at all. We are irrational and wouldn’t want to be emotionally inconvenienced? But, should we allow consistent healthy favors for what our projected spirit is going to dwell and lift every day in. I think so. I would enjoy the reminder of a gadgets review of my next meal after I have prepared or had it prepared and it let me know how bad or good it should make me feel knowing the information of ingredient research once you know what is in what you eat.

Bluetooth Tracking Tags: Never Worry Losing Keys Again

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The times are just getting better technologically aren’t they?


I mean just think about all the possibilities available for us now and the direction we are looking to go at double the speed. Forward. I remember always coming in the house and tossing my keys and phone and whatever else on the couch or sloppily on the counter and being not the most well organized person on this earth swearing that they were just right here!

Bluetooth has already revolutionized the way we use our mobile devices, smart watches, and even fitness and radio tracking devices. It only makes sense to add a gadget that can you can tag your easily lost property like your keys and phone.

Marietta tree service  that has the same problem I have, except he can’t afford to be late in the AM. Yes, I have priorities too just not ones that concern providing a service that benefits an entire county. This article and Power Gadget Review is dedicated to him.


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