Bluetooth Tracking Tags: Never Worry Losing Keys Again

The times are just getting better technologically aren’t they?


I mean just think about all the possibilities available for us now and the direction we are looking to go at double the speed. Forward. I remember always coming in the house and tossing my keys and phone and whatever else on the couch or sloppily on the counter and being not the most well organized person on this earth swearing that they were just right here!

Bluetooth has already revolutionized the way we use our mobile devices, smart watches, and even fitness and radio tracking devices. It only makes sense to add a gadget that can you can tag your easily lost property like your keys and phone.

Marietta tree service  that has the same problem I have, except he can’t afford to be late in the AM. Yes, I have priorities too just not ones that concern providing a service that benefits an entire county. This article and Power Gadget Review is dedicated to him.

Simply put you attach these Bluetooth tracking devices to your keys, wallet, remote, or even your suitcase for those tough times dealing with airport travel. The same tracker that you connect to your property is then matched when turned on to your mobile device, being an Android or Iphone device. There’s an app for that so no shuffling  through your settings and being easily confused. Now here is where the coolness happens. The device acts as the nagging wife or mother to the whatever you attached it to pinging it every so often just to check if it’s still around and there.

Now with Bluetooth you get the 30 foot range map tracker so if you are outside that radius well then that means it is time to start freaking. Luckily, this is when you receive constant notifications and warning sounds to let you know its out of range. Talk about something to attach to your girlfriends or kids belt buckle loop. If you like that style of hawk eye capability.


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