Consumer Electronics Show

So The International Consumer Electronics Show was this weekend if you have no idea how cool the event is or were already looking for a little more reasons to learn how interesting things at the event panned out, here all nice long look at day one at the four day event.

 Day 1

So many marketplaces, exhibits, and conferences to actually take part in to learn what is in business of consumer technologies. This is where you event goers can witness and experience the cutting edge technology and innovations of the now and to come.

In the name of power gadgets I was personally looking forward to providing some pleasurable updates that the Carpet installation specialist providing maintenance and cleaning as well at would appreciate. We all kind of like to keep a hub of the tech news flying off the shelf when one of us catch wind. And that’s the event in a the greater culmination.


What wasn’t a personal attention grabber? With so much to soak in, tech consumers had their overflow. Roll up LED screen for your like live magazines and newspaper viewing perhaps? Using the force-band Sphero is the equivalent to sitting on the couch and your room mate may say pass the Tv remote but its on the other half of the room while your on the couch. Well, what I mean is the potential to possibly have the ability to create the television remote gadget to have the much more useful upgrade than solely using that technological advancement with power gadgets only for simple ol Star Wars inspired leisure fun. Then onto infinity and beyond with real sense camera technology equipped apart of a drone that can look out for the obstacles in the pathway. 360 photographs in a snap, Mother an actual robot that is for keeping in home tracking like sleep, door sensor and alarms. The dentist also can utilize this for monitoring teeth brushing, personal upkeep tallying.


This is not even the tip of the iceberg we find ourselves looking into more and more at the Las Vegas,  Nevada held event since the 6th ending this January 9th on crash landing yet uncovering a new vast mountain of technological goodies only to help us along staying afloat here. Ahvac Atlanta described how their company couldn’t benefit from implementing the dashboard especially liked the idea of the same screen as your phone on your windshield that is called Gorilla Glass. Where your entire car dashboard can be a screen. Yes you can see the road and now at the same time use this to prepare each next scheduled service plan on the way and keep up to date on the way to a full day of contractor work. Hey it can really happen when we have gotten to now read up if not actually demo of products that are available to us now and will be very soon.

Gadgets with a touch to find out what is in our food in an instant. Do we want this abundance of knowledge to take immediate action for a more useful advantage or what we know is apart of our history of knowing the masses will have to overlook for the feeling of sticking to good or bad what has been. Analytical results we need time to weigh in on us moments later, much later, or sadly not at all. We are irrational and wouldn’t want to be emotionally inconvenienced? But, should we allow consistent healthy favors for what our projected spirit is going to dwell and lift every day in. I think so. I would enjoy the reminder of a gadgets review of my next meal after I have prepared or had it prepared and it let me know how bad or good it should make me feel knowing the information of ingredient research once you know what is in what you eat.

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