Guitar Gadget: No Elbow Room Jammin

There are never too many gadgets in this day and age.

Go go gadget was a concept that actually makes sense in the long run to make use best of our time and always be as handy as the name suggests from a human. Go go guitar ok you get the point. Music has become as influential as language we speak. We make it with our mouths even when breathing or at least some pattern that could be melodic or arranged in a way that is pleasing to our release.


We interpret want to understand be capable to feel vibration. Some decide to take the step in a more formal outlook and look to increase education on music and possibly create. These are the gadgets that make creating and always staying apart of the musical art form in any climate atmosphere even where elbow room is limited.


Jamstik is a pocket guitar for easy on the go jam. I always thought of jam session on an airplane and people in a metal tube coming together if people at one time were in the air and in want to hear music mood. Live music in air experience would be something else. For now you can take practice and guitar everywhere with a 6 string 6 fret musical exploration. Always good for getting the quick ideas down somewhere and go with all inspiration. This an electronic device so you can plug in your headphones and people can just watch your flow not be disturb or sent sound

In the same scenario think it is possible to get away with a ultra light travel electric guitar and plug into an IRig Blueboard MIDI with a pedal and you can easily break out the whole airplane into a jam session 30,0000 feet up. Once the seat belt light is turned on especially. Ipad Bluetooth for your guitar even when your computer software isn’t coming with you.

Gibson has the Gibson Memory Cable which will allow me to include my guitar cable as well as a recorder to get the inspiration you must document to recording my carry on still has room for an extra two weeks worth of underwear and socks.

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