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The Advance Machine Learning
This latest technology is the one who make the smart machines become intellectual by allowing them to understand the same ideas in the environment and to learn. Thru this machine learning, the smart machines have the ability to change the future behavior. This latest information technology invention has evolving rapidly as well as the organization must evaluate how they would relate this kind of technology to increase the competitive advantage.

The Autonomous Things and Agents
The progressive machine learning provides growth to a range of smart machine applications including the autonomous vehicles, smart advisors, robots, and virtual personal assistants that turn into independent manner. It feeds into the ambient user capability in which an independent agent becomes the major user boundary. Instead of interacting with the buttons, forms and menus in a smartphone, the user will just speaks to an application, which is actually a bright agent.

The Advanced System Architecture
The smart machine and digital mesh need the powerful computing architecture strains to create them worthwhile for the organizations. They will get this additional boost from the ultra-efficient neuromorphic architectures. This kind of system built on the graphic processing unit as well as the (FPGA) Field Programmable Gate Arrays that has a function more anthropoid brains that are predominantly suitable to be apply in other pattern-matching and deep learning processes that a smart machines uses. This kind of system is based on the architecture that allow the distribution with a less power into the smallest (IoT) Internet of Things endpoints like, cars, homes, human being and wristwatches.

The Service Architecture and Mesh App
This two kinds of application are allowing the delivery of services and apps to the dynamic and flexible ambiance of the digital mesh. This kind of architecture serves the serves the user necessity as they differ over time. This brings together a lot of sources, information, services, apps, and the micro services is flexible architecture in which the application extends across the different endpoint of device, also the coordination with one another to create a continuous digital experience.


The Internet of Things Architecture as well as Platforms
The Internet of things Platforms exist behind the architecture and mess-up service. This information technology has the standards for IoT Platforms that is forming the set of base that has the capability to communicate, manage, control, and secured the endpoints in the Internet of Things (IoT). These platforms combined the data to the endpoint behind the passage from a technology and architectural standpoints to make the IoT be realistic.


Talking Plant
Most of the gardener used to talk in their plants as if it is talking. In the previous years, there has a lot of study about this but unfortunately, nothing is conclusive. Now a days, a new project from Helene Steiner allow the person to create a simple message that can be translated by the using the flashes of light, wherein the plant is responsive to a positive messages. This experiment is successful and in fact it has been try by other people.


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