Super Hero Gadgets Saving Real Businesses

Superhero in City: Superhero watching over the city.

Superhero in City: Superhero watching over the city.

As a kid I’ve always wanted to be a super hero. Like the majority of young growing boys and girls searching to be brave and have immense physical mental strength with super powers and abilities. Even more as an adult going into my 30’s the concept could be much more of a real life depiction than I’ve ever imagined. Think about Batman is a billionaire baller with top technology in Gotham City. I’m an entrepreneur on route to a million in sales revenue, a devout practicing world peace participant, and emerging mixed martial arts student to master. The reality of using my resources to not only grow business to a billion but also transforming my mind body and spirit to vigilantly oversee my domain , city and world from potential threats and promote world peace is more on pace then ever in this current information technology age.


Fighting crime and using the forces of good to convert the forces of evil takes much more than the average mask and cape to get the job done. We have learned from our favorite movies and comic books that Batman is one of few super heroes who stretches the word super into the 100% fully human category. Many of the DC Super Heroeslike Superman, The Flash and the Green Lantern have experienced physical alterations from chemicals interacting with their body or space and non Earth like circumstances that spawned many of their super abilities.

  1. Heat Seekers

The best heating and cooling pros you could meet will tell you this gadget would be a gamechanger for there consumers and business as well. The Seek Thermal Cameras. This power gadget is  designed for your iPhone and Android models. It allows you to get vision of up to 2,00 feet in the night and darkness. It gives users the power of making their own phones top notch thermal imaging tools. The heat signatures are found in darkness environments. The thermal cameras decode light into an image that is visible on your iPhone or android device. HVAC systems energy loss can be detected, problematic insulation, and even air leaks. Even electrical faults can be found with this gadget. Imagine a device like the one pictured below except able to be kept on your mobile iPhone or android device.

Heat Loss Detection of the House With Infrared Thermal Camera

Heat Loss Detect     ion of the House With Infrared Thermal Camera

The range of the type of businesses this would help can range from land to sea, animal watchers, homeowners and hikers and maybe even excellent maid services Pittsburgh.

2. Drones

Look up it’s a bird , its a drone in the sky that can record panoramic views at high quality videos. Even Lego Marvel Super Heroes use drones to use against villains in their video game storyline. Mavic 2 is the drone equipped with the Hx265/HEVC codec which is responsible for these top video qualities. The web is a very intriguing place for videos. Cisco the technology conglomerate approximates will take up 82% of all online traffic by 2022.

The day of recording memories and re watching them is more apparent than any other time  in history. The Mavic 2 and the goggles in combination is a premiere option of drones for sale that allow you to create memories in flight around the environment you’re in. and use a virtual headset to control flight. The DJI Mavic 2 Pro Quadcopter Drone


3. Super Suits

Super Suit robots Future Tech

Super Suit robots Future Tech

Not only do they now have custom and tailored suits that you can enhance with the same material used by a tank, NASA X1 has developed a robotic exoskeleton suit for paraplegics to get mobility back. The suits are also being developed for space. Providing a robotic power boost to astronauts while they examine the planets. NASA’s Robonaut 2 was the initial original humanoid ever to fly in space. This project is now an extension to this project.

It is possible to imagine Bruce Wayne using a bulletproof suit. This time when I use suit I am speaking of the formal wear that makes you look professional and stylish. Armani has been involved with creating wool suits that are bulletproof from a selection of pieces including a .45 caliber and hollow point bullets. It is customized with the National Institute of Justice Body Armor Protection Levels 3.


Enjoy more gadgets you can continue your research on today and we will continue to update you more on this topic. The way technology is growing by the year and the progress to date we’ve been using tools since as far as we know as long as we could walk up right. Putting power to gadgets since the beginning.


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